an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!


Is it possible to submit a project that is only in the conceptual phase, i.e. a prototype has not yet been created?

Yes, concepts, visualizations, 3D designs or ready-made models can be submitted to the contest. After qualifying for the exhibition the submitted projects must be made available in the form of prototypes or products. Prototypes should be 1:1 scale or if justified scaled to show all functions. All applicable dates are included in the Rules of the contest. 

Can I submit more than one project?

One person/project group may submit any number of applications. Each submitted design must be sent in a separate application form available at in the "Application Form" tab.

Can I submit a project that is already in production?


What is the procedure for selecting the finalists of the contest?

The selection procedure is divided into two stages. In the first stage of the deliberations, the jury will analyze the applications in terms of their compliance with the formal criteria of the contest. From all applications, a group of about 25 final projects will be selected and will be presented as part of the make me! during the Łódź Design Festival 2023. During the second stage, the submitted design models will be assessed. From among them, the jury will select the prize winners. During the Final Gala we will announce the winners of make me! and we will give special prizes.

Who will evaluate the works? What is the composition of the jury?

The contest is judged by a jury of various interests and preferences, whose composition changes in each edition of the contest. We carefully select a group of design experts who diligently evaluate each project. Jury make me! 2023 will be announced by February 15, 2023 in the JURY tab.

What elements of the project will be assessed by the jury?

Jury deliberations of the make me! consist of two stages. In the first stage of the deliberations, the jury will evaluate the submitted projects according to the following criteria

Criterion 1 - formal assessment of the presentation of the project - whether the photos / visualizations clearly show the form of the object and its functions, whether the description is understandable and clearly presents the submitted idea, whether the designer has included additional materials / links / presentations explaining the concept,
Criterion 2 - Uniqueness of the design solution - whether the designer proposed new solutions or significantly changed the existing solutions,
Criterion 3 - Relevance of the assumptions - whether the proposed solutions (form, material, process) really solve the diagnosed problem,
Criterion 4 - Aesthetic values of the project - correctness of the adopted solutions,
Criterion 5 - market, communication, experimental potential of the project - the project must be characterised by one of three potentials – market potential (correctly diagnosed market demand, production feasibility, cost effectiveness, conscious use of materials), communication potential (the project is characterised by a high fashion-creating potential, neatly fitting in with current trends), experimental potential (the proposed solutions may lead to the development of new, innovative products, even if the product is not yet fully tested, its potential to change and replace existing solutions on the market may be assessed).

In the second stage the jury based on the make me! final projects, will select the winners of the cash prizes.

Why is participation in the contest paid?

The total proceeds from the fees for participation in the contest are allocated to the organization and the make me! exhibition.

What is the age limit for participants?

We have defined the age limit in the range of 20-35 years because we want to promote and present creators who are at the beginning of their design path.

My ZIP file is larger than 10MB, can I send artwork by post or email?

No, we only accept applications sent via the online form. Graphic files can have max. 4 MB each and additional materials in the form of a ZIP file max. 10MB.

How can I check if my form has been submitted correctly?

Each participant of the contest after submitting the form will receive a confirmation of receipt of the application via e-mail. Otherwise, please contact us.