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Wiktoria Szawiel

Dichotomy of Colour POLAND

Wiktoria Szawiel is a polish designer, born in Minsk, Belarus. Graduated from Contextual Design MA of Design Academy Eindhoven with a nomination to Gijs Bakker Award and Keep an Eye Grant for her project Landscapes within. Based between Warsaw, Poland and Lisbon, Portugal. Her work focuses on design of objects and spaces, incorporating material / process / technical research and development with cultural issues.

Project description:
Dichotomy of Colour rugs are the result of research and experimentation in colour interaction. By arranging 3 colours in different combinations, the same colours behave differently resulting in changing tonalities and richer perception of the colours, depending on the relations they have with each other. Geometric pattern of intersecting circles is designed to be woven on the weaving loom - there is always 2 colours per weft, one from each side. The design allows to create infinite combinations as they always fit together, enriching each other. By taking advantage of sensual qualities of colours and the characteristics of the technique, with very limited means, richer and more tactile experience is introduced to living space.