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Sylwia Sapała

Stworki (little creatures) – Toy that supports creativity of children in kindergarden age POLAND

Sylwia Sapała - born 17/03/1994 in Brzesko. In the years 2012-2014 she attended Józef Kluza Art High School in Kraków. Her graduation diploma in the field of 3D advertising design was included in the exhibition of the best diplomas at the Palace of Art in Krakow. In the years 2014-2018 she was studying at the Industrial Design Department in Krakow.

Project description:
The blocks Stworki (Creatures) is a set of connectors, consisting of abstract shapes with holes and pins with fitting diameters. Additional flexible o-rings expand the possibilities of the set. The project is a result of observation of children who are incompetently overusing contemporary technology which leads to many complications in proper development. The main feature that distinguishes the blocks is the ability to attach random items, which makes them open to children's ideas, while encouraging them to go outside and explore the world. As a result, a toy was created, which is a medium of various games in a form that stimulates the imagination, leading to creative thinking. The project is a BA thesis, created at the Industrial Design Department in Krakow. The model of blocks was made at Bajo company.