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Sarah Wiśniewska

Dissolving memory POLAND -

Sarah Wiśniewska is a graduate of Communication Design at the School of Form in Poznań. On a daily basis, she works in graphic design and photography. In both areas she tries to use her personal experience to achieve a balance between skills, knowledge and intuition. Emotions play the most important role in her projects, as well as consistency of forms, colors and content. Her diploma thesis was presented, among others at Dutch Design Week as part of the Antenna program; at Vienna Design Week as part of the exhibition "To czuć! Projektowanie dla zmysłów" and at Gdynia Design Days.

Project description:
Book titled "(Nie)pamięć" is the result of observing how a person close to the author was experiencing a progressive loss of memory; it is an analysis of the patient's functioning in the surrounding world and an attempt to spread awareness about Alzheimer's disease. The publication aims to show the process of memory loss in a metaphorical way, using a play with typography and image manipulation. The further into the book, the lower the readability of the text, leading to almost complete disappearance of the content. Typographic interventions, such as: repeating words and sentences, erasing word fragments and distorting characters are aimed at introducing the reader into a state of confusion, uncertainty and loss. An additional element of anxiety is created by a series of collages based on photographs of a loved one, which the author wishes to commemorate with the help of "(Nie)pamięć".