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for young designers
at the Lodz Design Festival!


Sandra Bejm

Intimacy POLAND

She completed studies in the field of Product Design at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Alicante and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Faculty of Textiles and Clothing. She defended her master's diploma with distinction in 2016 in the Studio of Jewelery Design and Goldsmith Forms. Finalist 10th Art & Fashion Forum by Grazyna Kulczyk in Poznan. Laureate of design contests and participant of exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Interested in the diversity of forms, structures, material possibilities and their unconventional use. A beauty lover ever since she remembers. He tries to combine matter with the sphere of ideas so that jewelery is not only a decoration of the body, but also a carrier of symbols. Currently, as an increasingly conscious designer, she develops her ideas from creative experiments from her studies.

Project description:
First, there was misfortune. As a child, my cousin poured boiling water on herself. I remember how she hid the changed skin, which she believed was a reason for shame. I did not understand her behavior for a long time until I had a surgery, after which I had traces left. From that time on, they were a sensitive and shameful point for me. These scars and the accompanying emotions have become my inspiration. Difference is an unquestionable value. But people are afraid to stand out. It is worth trying to turn something that is shameful into an asset, to be a signature of uniqueness. According to this idea, I transform what is hidden into an ornament. Here is my manifesto of acceptance and praise of peculiarities. Presented objects were made in casting technology. First, prototypes were made of polyurethane foam. And these were used to make forms which at the end were filled with liquid metal.