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Nina Woroniecka (Lotne Studio)

Memo - an everyday therapy kit for people with Alzheimer’s and their carers POLAND

A graduate of the Faculty of Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, she co-founded Lotne Studio, where she works as a designer. She also works at the Demant Technology Center as UI Designer, where she designs user interfaces for software in the medical industry. Laureate of design contests, she presented her projects at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In her projects she tries to respond to real needs and solve the social problem. For some time she has been combining her skills with the medical industry and design for seniors, believing that it can have a real impact on the lives of others.

Project description:
Memo comes in handy in sensory therapy for people with Alzheimer's disease. The set includes a speaker, a fragrance diffuser, instruments, a mobile application and a shelf. Instruments (grater and three rattles) and a loudspeaker (very intuitive to use, with a limited number of buttons) are used in music therapy. Fragrance diffuser sprayes essential oils, and the smell of a given function, e.g. an appetite stimulant or a sedative, is released at a specific time. The mobile application includes a set of memory exercises, it also allows you to add photos that bring back memories. Thanks to the application, the carer sets waking, sleeping and meal hours, which are synchronized with the operation of the diffuser and loudspeaker, emitting aromas and music adequate to the time of day and planned activities. The shelf allows wireless charging of devices.