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Michal Pražský

The Beer set CZECHY

During my studies, I had an experience with several design departments. I studied industrial design, product design and finally glass design. I wanted to reflect the diversity of my studies in my diploma thesis, which combines industrial design and glass. In my practice I am working on projects of interior design focused on shops, bars, and music clubs currently. I'm also working on my first series of interior accessories glassware currently.

Project description:
In my diploma thesis, I present a set of three glasses, designed for three basic types of beer. The collection was intended as a prototype for industrial production. The unifying feature of the set is the relief, that can be applied to glasses by industrial pressing technology. The motif is inspired by historical glasses with prunts which were used for better hold. In my design are the prunts transformed by parametric modeling to my own pattern, which has many features. For example, the relief on the high glass gives the white, cloudy beer a shine. The mug has a handle with the structure for better grip. Because the goblet is intended for the special beers, design with the fine structure creates a feeling of some luxury product. The set includes a bottle opener, serving as a beer bottle closure.