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Melanie Glöckler

Marine Cotton - Factories based on water technologies GERMANY -

Melanie Glöckler from Germany was born in 1989. She graduated from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Industrial Design in Halle. Melanie has many awards like: Recycling Designpreis 2015, Giebichenstein Designpreis 2015, Franz Award 2015 China, Talente 2016 - Handwerkskammer München, Glas Design Wettbewerb 2016 – Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall, TISDC 2017 (Taiwan International Student Design Competition), Staged Design Award 2016. From September on She will start to study Global Innovation Design at the RCA in London. 

Project description:
Algae grow up to 40 times faster than rooted plants.  All they need is light, water and nutrients. Due to the rapid propagation, they are often seen as a plague. Starting from these properties this study  deals specifically with the growth and utilisation of fibrous algae to be used in  textile contexts. They are processed by means of newly interpreted technologies into either  semi-manufactured products or up to a finished grown product. Marine Cotton represents  an alternative to current resources and technologies of the textile industry.