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Małgorzata Załuska

"Simpla" – Personalized, external breast prostheses, generated with the use of 3D scanning and printing POLAND

Małgorzata Załuska (born 1991 in Warsaw) - designer, graduate of the Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She completed her master's diploma "Simpla" in 2017 in the studio of dr Daniel Zielinski. Laureate of Graduation Projects 2018. Co-founder of the Takładnie design co-operative.

Project description:
Project elements: web application concept, exemplary 3d prosthesis models, illustrated scan instructions, logo, packaging. "Simpla" [esp. sincere] is a tool for women after unilateral mastectomy, which allows the creation of external breast forms. The user takes a series of pictures of her bust which become a base for a 3D scan generated by the application. The base model of the prosthesis is a mirror image of a healthy breast. After confirming the parameters (type, structure, color), the project is sent for printing. The user receives a parcel with a finished product. Thanks to its structure, the prosthesis imitates the human body with its physical behavior and not with its appearance. My main goal was to move away from medical expressiveness, to improve functional values and to give the prosthesis an individual character.