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Magdalena Kucharska – Hadaki

Baltica Poland

Baltica is a ceramic utensils set, consisting of cups, jug, sugar bowl and tray. The dishes are designed to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements - they are glazed in the inside to provide more hygienic contact with the food, while the outside is raw and non-glazed.

The pretext for creating the Baltica series was to preserve and expose the natural qualities of clay and achieving the unique effects that are created by coloration of the material, so every element of the project is unique. Baltica stands in opposition to mass produced dishes, since it is impossible to repeat the same pattern. An additional aspect is the contrast - the tension created by the combination of smooth, glossy, white glaze with a non glazed surface - natural, raw, yet polished and pleasant to the touch.

Clay is an incredibly malleable, which comes from the natural raw materials that the Earth provides, so the Baltica series fits well into the environment, it is a harmonious part of it, does not impose on the recipient / user. The patterns that are created on the surface of the dishes bring to mind the water, which in combination with the raw material even more exacerbates the natural origin and inspires to think about its beauty. Every piece is handmade.