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Leslie Nooteboom


Leslie Nooteboom merges innovation, design and engineering. His ast projects involve improving the perception of pedestrians for autonomous cars, algorithmically generated lighting, developing a human interaction with autonomous vehicles, giving a robot human touch and building IoT educational blocks - all characterised by giving a more human interaction to complex technology. He graduated from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, is from the Netherlands and was born in Brussels, Belgium.

Project description:
komorebi lets you curate natural lighting experiences indoors. Sunlight filtering through leaves creates a dance of light and shadows. Homes have become a place of isolation from the outside and lighting has become so artificial that there is no sense of day, time or place anymore. In a time where indoor sunlight is becoming more scarce, the need for technological nature is increasing. With komorebi the restrictions of existing lighting are removed. The lamp projects lighting experience that you would encounter in nature. Thanks to the code-based nature of the light, a generative aspect can be added to the experience, which makes it serendipitous. This serendipity is an important aspect of the technology, which brings it closer to real nature, rather than repetitive artificial lighting.

komorebi video:
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