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Kamil Kowalczyk

EGGy-construction material POLAND

Kamil Kowalczyk - product designer and design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In his activity he aims to solve constructional problems of industrial products. Co-organizer of the conference on contemporary design and art. He was appreciated, among others, by Zaha Hadid Architects and Studio Libeskind for lighting installation projects for the Lamborghini brand (2016) and by the Institute of Industrial Design (2017) for his BA thesis in the field of engineering and design ergonomics in an industrial environment.

Project description:
EGGy material is sustainabke - it reduces porcelain consumption thanks to crumbled egg shells. It is beautiful and surprising - a unique texture is not everything. During the firing, the material gets a color ranging from pink to blue. EGGy was created during an experiment - since then, colors have been checked and tested, as well as the optimal proportions of shells in porcelain. To make EGGy, eggshells have been crushed. They were added to porcelain and fired in a furnace. The material was used on the example of plates and a lantern, which allowed to confirm the thesis that such material allows users to create a natural, more ecological and functional environment. In addition, the use of such a product in the interior will give it a very interesting and unique character. EGGy has something more to say - maybe even something about the egg that creates it.