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Jan Godlewski (GDL2 Studio)

Getuper POLAND

Graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Interior Design at the University of Technology in Białystok. Academic teacher, PhD student at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Participant of numerous workshops and international competitions. Distinguished and awarded in design contests, among others: Make Me, Young Design, Design By, Caiazza Memorial Challenge, Bombay Spphire, Mazda Design, Technotalent. Participant of many exhibitions, among others in Berlin, Milan and Trondheim. He is the founder of the GDL2 design studio dealing with product design, interior design and visual identification.

Project description:
Wstawacz ("get-uper") is a chair design that helps to get up. For many older people, the problem is getting up from a sitting position (due to decreasing muscle mass). The chair has been equipped  with a simple mechanism that lifts the seat up when standing up. No additional force is required because the user only uses his mass and gravity. The chair has been equipped with additional functions such as rear handles and optional side organizers. It can be used in private and public spaces. It will be useful at home as well as in the waiting room or in the nursing home. The chair has been designed in accordance with the principles of universal design, everyone can use it. The support function is invisible when not used so that the product does not stigmatize.