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Iwona Pieczara

A project of a device supporting the process of changing the position of disabled people POLAND -

She studied industrial design at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź at the Faculty of Design and Interior Architecture. In 2017, she finished her master's with distinction in the Project Systems Design Studio. She participated in many exhibitions and competitions. Winner of awards and distinctions i.a. Prime Time (gold medal), 17th Władysław Strzemiński competition (distinction), development project of the Avangarda Łagiewniki Park housing estate (1st place), the best diploma thesis in the field of design (2015). She designs products, furniture and graphics.

Project description:
Muwi120 is a project dedicated to people with movement disabilities, facilitating daily care. The device supports the process of lifting, seating and moving. It is easy to use and does not require strength. Raising a disabled person starts automatically after pressing the button. The device allows you to adjust the height of the patient's lifting, depending on the needs. It allows slight lifting of the person for quick movement or a complete verticalization. The lifting process is based on grabbing under the patient's arms. This facilitates all care activities, providing access to a disabled person. The main design inspiration was a conversation with a boy suffering from quadriplegic cerebral palsy carried out during the rehabilitation. Looking at his mother hand-carrying his almost inert, 80 kg body everyday was the biggest problem for him.