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Hannah Burrell


I am a designer who is interested in nature, technology, innovation, biomimicry, alternative materials, systems thinking, design thinking and sustainability (especially within waste, packaging and food systems). My Bachelor is in Communication Design, but I became passionate about materials research and design in packaging, as well as broader product and service design using HCD/Design Thinking.  My most valuable experience during my studies has been international industry experience projects through Design Factory Melbourne which took me to Shanghai, Helsinki and Singapore — and most recently Porto and San Francisco/Palo Alto as part of Stanford’s ME310 SUGAR program. I’m now working on personal projects that in some way contribute holistic and sustainable solutions to problems faced by society and the environment.

Project description:
According to the International Coffee Agreement (ICA) there is an annual estimation of 600 billion paper and plastic cups being distributed globally — nearly all of these cups are non-recyclable, non-biodegradable or compostable, and are rarely made from natural or sustainable materials. We all know the dire importance of the plastic crisis, but even paper processing and sourcing can be unsustainable and unethical — contributing to deforestation and pollution. An alternative is CaneCup — CaneCup is a biodegradable, compostable and recyclable disposable coffee cup made out of an agricultural by-product from sugarcane. It is a singular material vessel which includes a folding lid, replacing wasteful and toxic traditional coffee cups, while still offering ease-of-use and convenience to customers when it’s time to dispose of the packaging.