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Carlijn Veurink

The Production Theatre NETHERLANDS

Carlijn Veurink recently graduated from the Product Design department at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts | NL. Even though her background is in product design, she has always had a great interest in the performing arts. Her interdisciplinary work approach often results in unexpected outcomes. She likes to discuss social topics in a playful way. Movement, humour and the human body are key aspects in her work.

Project description:
The Production Theatre generates questions about the changing meaning of craftsmanship. Nowadays, most part of the creation of products has been digitalized and automated. The human hand slowly disappears from this process and with that the improvising qualities of the creative mind. People have their own way of creating, they don't have an explicit coded outcome. With this insight, I make machines that involve a production process that makes use of the unexpected movements of the human body. The user becomes a playing creator in which his body acts as a production engine. The improvisation and creativity of the maker has an impact on the output produced by the machine. The collection consists of three different machines. In each machine the human body is triggered to move in a different way. Because of this, the labour movements become a kind of repetitive dance. 

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