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Barbara Szczepanek

Ilustrated - “Slavic demons” book with UV illustrations POLAND

Barbara Szczepanek. Designer and illustrator. A graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She specializes in the design of visual communication, and in her spare time she focuses on illustration and hand-drawing.

Project description:
,,Demony słowiańskie’’ ("Slavic Demons") is a book project with descriptions and illustrations of characters from Slavic legends. The main idea of the project is to emphasize the fictionality of characters using illustrations visible only under UV light. The project is divided into visible and invisible parts. At first glance, the book seems to be just a simple typographic collection of short descriptions. When the reader looks at the texts, he imagines the figure of a demon based on a description, and then using a UV torch confronts his imagination with the vision of the author of the book. The aim of my project is to remind about Slavic culture, and, through the original form, to encourage readers to learn about it.