an international contest
for young designers
at the Lodz Design Festival!


Anna Marciniszyn - 20 years old, born in Lubin, where she graduated from the Mikołaj Kopernik High School no. 1. Currently a second year student in the Domestic Design specialty at the School of Form in Poznań. She started her adventure with porcelain a year ago in a ceramic workshop at the university. Previously, she worked exclusively with clay. In her work with ceramics, she is most interested in the process, its uniqueness and unpredictability. She is fascinated by the precision with which the material must be approached, and above all the patience and humility that one learns when working with such delicate matter. For her, designing is looking for answers. In the future, she would like to work with porcelain and wood. She is also interested in interior and space design.

Project description:
The goal of the project was to apply the characteristics of a "Superhero" on porcelain. I chose Mulan and prepared a set inspired by the traditional Chinese tea brewing. By failing to serve tea to men, Mulan is banished. She decides to disguise herself and go to war. She becomes the hero of China. My work simultaneously shows masculinity and femininity and the balance between these two opposite characteristics. Despite their subtlety, the vessels have male characteristics. They have chunky shapes with straight, raw lines. Submerging porcelain coasters in a heavy, concrete base and lifting it away from the ground adds a feminine element. By implementing my project I wanted to draw attention to the often unfair division of roles in society. In spite of it, I created a harmony between two completely different forces.