an international contest
for young designers
at the Lodz Design Festival!


Recruitment to make me! 2019 contest runs from 15.10.2018. Save the date! more details coming soon.

The contest exhibition will be a presentation of the best projects selected by the jury for this year's competition. The exhibition will take place as a part of the Łódź Design Festival 2018 on May 19-27 in Art_Inkubator, at Tymienieckiego 3 Street in Łódź.

Qualified for exhibition:

1. Anna Marciniszyn - Balance (Poland)

2. Wiktoria Szawiel - Dichotomy of Colour (Poland)

3. Sarah Wiśniewska - Dissolving memory (Poland)

4. Ryan Yasin - Petit Pli - Clothes That Grow (United Kingdom)

5. Dominika Pułapa, Agnieszka Pułapa - Minimum (Poland)

6. Melanie Glöckler - Marine Cotton - Factories based on water technologies (Germany)

7. Róża Rutkowska (Roza Janusz)SCOBY: living packages (Poland)

8. Hannah Burrell - CaneCup (Australia)

9. Anja Lapatsch, Annika UngerForgotten Collection (Germany)

10. Barbara Szczepanek - Ilustrated - “Slavic demons” book with UV illustrations (Poland)

11. Bruno Szenk - eo (Poland)

12. Lisa Palm - „oh, ich möchte mich verschenken“ (eng.: „oh, i want to give myself away") (Germany)

13. Michalina Jasińska, Łukasz Lisowski - Dark Side of Coal (Poland)

14. Irena Hołozubiec - Orthocast (Poland)

15. Sylwia Sapała - Stworki (little creatures) – Toy that supports creativity of children in kindergarden age (Poland)

16. Carlijn Veurink - The Production Theatre (Netherlands)

17. Iwona Pieczara - A project of a device supporting the process of changing the position of disabled people (Poland)

18. Michal Pražský - The Beer set (Czech Republic)

19. Maria Żołyńska - "Gutt" Kitchen Knife Stand (Poland)

20. Nela Maniewska - W Tables (Poland)

21. Patrycja Ochman, Paulina Ochman - OKKA (Poland)

22. Kamil Kowalczyk - EGGy-construction material (Poland)

23. Leslie Nooteboom - komorebi (Netherlands)

24. Zlatomíra Cirhanová - LOONO Tactile Didactic Tool (Czech Republic)

25. Małgorzata Załuska - "Simpla" – Personalized, external breast prostheses, generated with the use of 3D scanning and printing (Poland)

26. Sandra Bejm - Intimacy (Poland)

27. Joanna Krokosz - Jelonek - furniture and toy (Poland)

28. Jan Godlewski - Getuper (Poland)

29. Nina Wroniecka - Memo - an everyday therapy kit for people with Alzheimer’s and their carers (Poland)