an international contest
for young designers
at the Lodz Design Festival!


The contest exhibition will be a presentation of the best projects selected by the jury for this year's competition. The exhibition will take place as a part of the Łódź Design Festival 2018 on May 19-27 in Art_Inkubator, at Tymienieckiego 3 Street in Łódź.

Qualified for exhibition:

1. Anna Marciniszyn - Balance (Poland)

2. Wiktoria Szawiel - Dichotomy of Colour (Poland)

3. Sarah Wiśniewska - Dissolving memory (Poland)

4. Ryan Yasin - Petit Pli - Clothes That Grow (United Kingdom)

5. Dominika Pułapa, Agnieszka Pułapa - Minimum (Poland)

6. Melanie Glöckler - Marine Cotton - Factories based on water technologies (Germany)

7. Róża Rutkowska (Roza Janusz)SCOBY: living packages (Poland)

8. Hannah Burrell - CaneCup (Australia)

9. Anja Lapatsch, Annika UngerForgotten Collection (Germany)

10. Barbara Szczepanek - Ilustrated - “Slavic demons” book with UV illustrations (Poland)

11. Bruno Szenk - eo (Poland)

12. Lisa Palm - „oh, ich möchte mich verschenken“ (eng.: „oh, i want to give myself away") (Germany)

13. Michalina Jasińska, Łukasz Lisowski - Dark Side of Coal (Poland)

14. Irena Hołozubiec - Orthocast (Poland)

15. Sylwia Sapała - Stworki (little creatures) – Toy that supports creativity of children in kindergarden age (Poland)

16. Carlijn Veurink - The Production Theatre (Netherlands)

17. Iwona Pieczara - A project of a device supporting the process of changing the position of disabled people (Poland)

18. Michal Pražský - The Beer set (Czech Republic)

19. Maria Żołyńska - "Gutt" Kitchen Knife Stand (Poland)

20. Nela Maniewska - W Tables (Poland)

21. Patrycja Ochman, Paulina Ochman - OKKA (Poland)

22. Kamil Kowalczyk - EGGy-construction material (Poland)

23. Leslie Nooteboom - komorebi (Netherlands)

24. Zlatomíra Cirhanová - LOONO Tactile Didactic Tool (Czech Republic)

25. Małgorzata Załuska - "Simpla" – Personalized, external breast prostheses, generated with the use of 3D scanning and printing (Poland)

26. Sandra Bejm - Intimacy (Poland)

27. Joanna Krokosz - Jelonek - furniture and toy (Poland)

28. Jan Godlewski - Getuper (Poland)

29. Nina Wroniecka - Memo - an everyday therapy kit for people with Alzheimer’s and their carers (Poland)